Baby boomers beware.

The population growth rate of every 1st world country has dramatically been declining over the decades.

United States 1900 – 2020

So why has the population been rising? Remember this is a growth chart, not a death chart. Or total population chart.

Global population has been rising due to 3rd world countries. Each family is said to have 5 children or more. While 1st world countries are under 1 per capita.

The focus of this is going to point to social security and the baby boomer generation. Let’s get started.

The growth chart is basically saying that generation by generation, the numbers are getting smaller. Now what is happening is the baby boomers are not dying! They are retiring. Alot of them even have plans of retiring on social security. Only! They have nothing saved or their 401k is under 100k.

The boomers have worked their whole life supporting a generation that was smaller then them. They were the bigger generation. This is key on how social security works.

Now it has reversed. The boomers are retiring with a generation that is smaller then them. Making more retirees then workers to support social security.

Let alone! Followed by a generation “that doesn’t know how to work, and the ones that do! Dont want to work.” I’m sure you have heard of a boomer talk about that. The covid lockdowns proved that. Bumping unemployment pay to stay at the house and do nothing. Now that the unemployment bonus is gone. They still dont want to work. And! They all want to be famous youtubers.

I also found that the average age of the U.S. farmer is 54. The problem with everyone wanting to be a famous youtuber, is they are producing things that people dont need! There will be a huge problem with this in 20 years. That’s not that far away.

We have had 2 quarters of negative GDP in 2022. This is why, and this will continue. Negative GDP basically means the economy has decreased. There are less goods and services being created.

Even government websites say social security will run dry by 2030. Google will tell you 2035. I also think this is why the borders and immigration have been busted wide open the last few years, because the U.S. needs workers. Illegal or legal! They need workers.

One interesting fact is, the age that the child leaves the house is increasing. At the same time, the age that a parent has to move back in with the child is decreasing. Gen x and the millennials are getting squeezed on both ends.

Now if you tell them that social security will be gone by 2030. They all say “well I’ll be dead by then.” will they? That’s only 8 years away.

What will happen when millions of boomers stop getting social security checks when they have nothing saved? They are living paycheck to paycheck with a social security check, right now! I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

When social security is gone. It will be blamed on Republicans and Democrats, but it doesn’t matter. It’s the system that is wrong. No amount of finger pointing will change anything. That’s the truth you will never hear.

The only way to keep the circus going, is to raise taxes on gen x, millennials, and gen z. This will not go over well. While at the same time inflation will continue to go up.

Or! We will just print the money we need for social security!? Which I can see them doing this. Governments are not smart. Look at the disaster we are in right now. Which if you think inflation is bad now. It will be unbearable. The current inflation today, was caused by all the stimulus checks created during covid.

$4 trillion created for beer and pizza. What changed? Stimulus checks were just a way to keep peoples life style going without rioting.

Start doing some research and plan this out. Educate yourself and hang on! This will get alot worse before it gets better.

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